Yokohama Geolandar M/T G003 225/75R16 115/112QQ available in Mold

225/75Q16 YOKO G003 8PLY 115/112Q


Geolandar M/T G003

225/75Q16 YOKO G003 8PLY 115/112Q

Fully fitted price: £136.00


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Long Tread Life

High-Density Compound

New triple polymer blend provides exceptional wear performance.

Wide Flat Profile

A wide flat profile distributes stresses more evenly across the entire tread area resulting in longer wear.

Off-Road Durability

Proprietary Geo-ShieldTM Technology

Aggressive Sidewall Armor 

Creates a bold, new look while delivering off-road traction and protection from damage.

Geo-Shield TechnologyTM

Multiple sidewall plies, steel belts, a full nylon cap and high turn-up carcass assure merciless traction and reliable protection.

On/Off-Road Traction

Stops 51' Shorter on Wet Roads

Optimized Block-To-Void Ratio And Sipes

Ideal block-to-void ratio provides outstanding off-road grip and shorter stopping distances on wet roads. 

Mud And Stone Ejectors

Mud and stone ejectors protect against stone drilling and keep the grooves clear.

Quieter Ride

2.3 DB Quieter On The Road

Advanced Variable Pitch Tread

The advanced variable pitch tread design was engineered to provide a quieter highway ride.






Q (Max Speed: 99mph)

115/112Q (Max Load: Unknown)